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My brew basket is overflowing.



  • Joseph Walat

    I have owned a KBT model for about a year. I love the machine, but even after following all of the guidance regarding grind size, water to coffee ratio, using Moccamaster filters, etc., I still struggle to brew a full 1.25 L carafe of coffee without the brew basket overflowing. Sometimes this can happen even making 1L of coffee. I am using a Capresso Infinity grinder and have it set to the courses settings and I am typically using coffee beans roasted within a week or two of brewing. Any ideas as to what would cause this to happen?

  • Ari

    Our Consumer Relations Team would be happy to help you troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing. Please call us at (855) 662-2200 or email us at - we're confident we can help!


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